About RodGaff

John Lavarias

John Lavarias – Inventor of the Rodgaff

I have been fishing with my great friend Lou on his various boats for years. As he sized up in boats, he installed overhead rod storage, aka, “Rocket Launchers”.
This type of rod storage is typical on private sportfishing boats. While it seems to be a good solution for keeping your fishing gear up and out of the way, at timesĀ it has proven to be very difficult and dangerous to place and retrieve fishing gear from the overhead storage.

I invented “RodGaff” to provide a safe solution to place or retrieve tackle from overhead rod holders. I got tired of climbing up on wet, slippery, unstable objects to place or retrieve rods.

It’s difficult enough to keep your balance on the ocean waters while your feet are on the deck. But, climbing on things not designed for that purpose is just not safe. I have fallen on more than one occasion…fortunately, I escaped serious injury.

I started thinking about a solution to the problem and worked on and off for months developing “RodGaff”.

While my final product design hasn’t changed much from its original design, it took much field testing and some revisions to prefect ‘RodGaff”. I included features that provide great stability while placing or retrieving rods that helps eliminate dropping rods on the deck, or even worse, losing equipment overboard.

“RodGaff is convenient, easy to use, and “Safely keeps your feet flat on the deck”.

How To Use The RodGaff

Our product video shows how RodGaff is used. Click here to watch the video. Here are the instructions:


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